Legal Notice

Terms and Conditions of access and use of the website of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L.
1. Ownership of the website
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. of registered office at Calle Antonio Lopez 249, Madrid, holder of Tax Identification Number B62419593 registered with the Companies Register of Madrid, is the owner of the website (hereinafter, “the website”), which is made available to Internet users in order to provide information about GRUPO SERHOS.
2. Notice of the domain names of GRUPO SERHOS served on the corresponding registers
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. has, in compliance with the terms of Article 9 of Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, informed the Companies Register of Madrid of the domain names currently in use.
3. General Conditions of use of the website and acceptance thereof
These general conditions of use of the website, together with any specific conditions which may be established, are intended for the regulation and information of users of the website.
Browsing and usage of the services of the website constitute acceptance as a user, subject to no form of reservation, of all general conditions of use and any others which may exist with regard to provision of the services of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L.
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. may at any time, with no prior notice, modify these general conditions and any specific conditions included, by publication of such modifications on the website for the prior information of users.
4. Industrial and intellectual property
All content included within the website, and in particular trademarks, trading names, industrial designs, designs, texts, photos, photographs, graphics, logos, icons, software or any other signs open to industrial and commercial usage (hereinafter, the CONTENT) is protected by the industrial and intellectual property rights of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. or third-party holders thereof which have granted authorisation for its inclusion within the website.
Any usage and/or reproduction thereof without the express consent of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. is therefore prohibited. Reproduction, distribution, modification, sale, lease, assignment, transfer or adaptation of the CONTENT of the website, in whole or in part, is likewise forbidden, without the express authorisation in writing of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L.
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. accepts no liability for any violation of intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties which may be derived from the inclusion within the website of trademarks, trade names, industrial designs, patents, designs, texts, photographs, graphics, logos, icons or software belonging to third parties who declared themselves to be the holders thereof upon their inclusion within the website.
Under no circumstances may it be deemed that access and browsing by users constitutes authorisation or any waiver, transfer, total or partial assignment of such rights, nor the granting of any right or expectation thereof, and in specific terms the alteration, transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public presentation of such content without the prior express authorisation of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. or the corresponding owners.
4.1 Improper Usage
Any unauthorised use of the CONTENT of this website constitutes a violation of Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and/or unfair competition laws, along with other possible regulations.
4.2 Civil and/or criminal actions
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. will employ all rights provided in law, bringing any civil and/or criminal actions to which it may be entitled against any violating or infringing of its rights.
4.3 Information purpose of the website
The texts contained within this website are intended purely for information purposes, and under no circumstances constitute an undertaking or warranty issued by GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L.
5. Links.
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. DOES NOT AUTHORISE the creation of links to its website unless its consent is expressly requested.
Any type of transfer of data to this website or other routes of access controlled by GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. infringing or violating the rights of third parties and/or the content of which could be libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or the transmission of any other materials constituting conduct which could be deemed criminal, are expressly prohibited.
5.1 Links from other websites
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. accepts no form of liability based on the contents of any Internet forum or debate, newsletter or any other type of transmission linked to this website. It will, if required by a court order or the relevant authorities, cooperate in identifying any persons responsible for such content if it is in breach of the law.
5.2 Website service. Liability of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L.
Users acknowledge and accept that usage of the website and its services is performed entirely at their own risk. GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. accepts no liability nor guarantees that access to the website will be uninterrupted or error-free. Under no circumstances will GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. bear liability for any loss or damage of any kind occurring as a result of access and use of the pages of its website.
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. does not guarantee that access to other websites via links will not display undesired information. GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. has adopted all measures required within its possibilities and the technological state-of-the-art in order to guarantee the operability of the website and avoid the existence and/or transmission of viruses or other components which could harm users.
6. Obligations of users.
Users undertake to use the content of the website diligently, properly and lawfully, and undertake to refrain from the following:

a) Use the content for purposes or effects which contravene the law, morality, good practice or public order.

b) Reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access via any form of public presentation, transform or modify the content, except with the corresponding authorisation from the owner.

c) Use the e-mail addresses of the website to distribute advertising, communications for the purpose of direct sale or for any other form of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a large number of individuals irrespective of the purpose thereof, undertaking to refrain from the commercial use or disclosure of such information by any means.

7. Protection of Personal Data
Pursuant to the terms of Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December 1999, you are hereby informed that the data provided in the online Registration Application will be included in an automated personal data filing system, due notice of which has been served on the Spanish Data Protection Agency’s General Register.
This archive will be available to GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. for its personnel selection and recruitment processes.
You agree that your data may be transferred, purely for the above purposes, to other companies of GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. or other companies with which GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. may sign partnership agreements (for example, recruitment firms), obtaining a written undertaking from them that they will strictly comply with the legal terms governing data protection.
GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. will not use the data collected in the Registration Application for any purposes other than those stated. It is understood that you grant your consent unless you indicate otherwise in the online Registration Application. This consent will in all cases be subject to revocation, without retroactive effect, pursuant to the terms of Articles 6 and 11 of Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December 1999.
You are likewise informed that you may exercise rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection as referred to in the Organic Data Protection Act, pursuant to the terms of the legislation in force, by writing to the organisation which is the data controller, GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L., at the electronic mail address
8. Applicable legislation
The relationships established between users and the owner of the website shall be governed by the terms of the regulations in force regarding the applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. This notwithstanding, in cases where the regulations allow the parties voluntarily to agree to a legal forum, GRUPO SERHOS Food Service, S.L. and the User expressly waive any other forum to which they might be entitled and agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. The provisions of the Spanish Legal System shall in all cases apply.